Christie By The Numbers

Jersey Comeback Has Begun

A Look Back At Everything Across Three Balanced Budgets


YouTube Video Views 5 Million
Letters Received 421,389
David Letterman Fat Jokes 327,832
Twitter Followers 125,820
Facebook Likes 60,755
Questions About Running For President / Vice President (Too Many
To Count)
Tweets 2,892
YouTube Videos 606
Bills Signed 352
Reporter’s Notes 346
Press Conferences 92
Town Halls 88
Bills Vetoed 39
Vetoes To Rein In Authorities 27
Appearances On “Ask The Governor” 26
New Jersey Heroes 17
Gov News Email Banners 13
Politifact Ratings Of “Pants On Fire” 4
Springsteen Concerts 3
Tax Increase Vetoes 3
Special Sessions 3
“Idiots” 2
Hurricanes 1
Tax Increases 0



Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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