Governor Christie On AC: We Do Not Have Time To Dawdle


Governor Christie: But now we do not have time to dawdle here. It is ten days so either they are going to do it or Atlantic City is going to be bankrupt. Now I know there are many in the Republican Caucasus who believe that might be the best alternative. They may not be wrong. But we are not going to have much time to wait now any longer on this. So I am disappointed that we had to go down this road, this vanity exercise. I want to tell you something else- when you look at who did not support the Speaker’s bill today, this is not a north south issue. This is an issue between what works and what will not. And anybody who thinks that the Speaker’s bill with a committee with people from the Atlantic City government, with benchmarks that are determined by a committee that are then passed upon by a special master whose appointed by the Chief Justice. Anybody who thinks that that kind of horse would ride, does not really understand how government works. So I’m disappointed we had a go down this road, but it is now over. And there should be no more conversations about it, let’s let them get to work. If they come up with something, great, if they do not then you know bankruptcy will be the only option and while I would regret having to go down that road, it is a road that I will have no choice but to go down. I am not sending any more money to Atlantic City without the authority to fix the underlying problem.



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Brian Murray

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