Governor Christie To Charter School Parents: Let’s Work Together to Ensure Our Students Excel and Succeed

Trenton, NJ – Governor Chris Christie today held a State House meeting with 40 charter school parents from around the state as he continues the discussion on improving New Jersey’s public education system to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to perform to their full potential.

“Parents’ input is an invaluable tool in our effort to reform and refine the charter school system, to help it deliver a first-class education to every student,” said Governor Christie.  “Charter schools are revolutionizing public school education in our state and serve as a model for innovation and efficiency.”

Last month, the Governor announced a series of reforms designed to boost New Jersey charter schools, including allowing single-gender and single-purpose schools, requiring state-operated districts to allow charter schools to lease unused facilities, expanding satellite campus regulations to allow charter schools to use facilities further from their main campus, refining standards to allow qualified candidates access to teaching and business administrator positions, and expediting charter renewal for high-performing Tier 1 schools not on probation.

Governor Christie has demonstrated a strong commitment throughout his administration to ensure the success of charter schools by investing in innovative, successful schools that outperform and exceed expectations at every level.

There are currently 89 charter schools in New Jersey, with the number of authorized charter school seats expected to increase by 10 percent next year to more than 50,000.  Thirty-nine of those schools have opened in the last six years.  In February 2016, the DOE approved the expansion of 16 charter schools, renewed the charters of 19 schools, and approved three new schools to open in the 2017-2018 school year.

In his proposed Fiscal Year 2017 State Budget, Governor Christie has, for the third consecutive year, proposed a record-high investment in K-12 public schools of more than $13 billion, including funds that will help newly approved charter schools create opportunities for New Jersey’s many at-risk youth in Newark and other urban areas. 

In districts such as Newark and Camden, charter schools are educating almost one-third of their public school populations.  There are an estimated 6,500 additional Newark students on a waiting list to get a charter school seat and about 2,000 Camden students on a waiting list, demonstrating how critical it is that more charter school opportunities are provided for students and across the state.

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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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