Governor Christie: People Need To Know That There Is A Better Tomorrow Available To Them


Governor Christie: I am here tonight, because I know and believe that addiction is not a moral failing but it is a disease, and it is a disease that can be treated. I am here tonight, because each and every one of you here and all your loved ones who you are concerned about are an individual gift from God, and no gift from God is disposable. No life can be judged by any of us other than by God himself as to its value, and if God placed that life here on Earth, then we need to do everything we can to make sure that that life is saved and renewed and given the value that God gave it by putting it here in the first place. I will not stand for the idea that any soul is irredeemable. Everyone has the ability to fight back from this disease, but we have to give them the tools to do it. And the first thing that we need to do is to not make them feel as if somehow they have morally failed by succumbing to this disease. They have a disease just like cancer, or heart disease, or diabetes, this is a disease that can and needs to be treated and we are here tonight to not only pray for those who we were not able to help but just as much to pray for each other to have the strength of character to be able to go out and save the lives that we can save, and there are lots of them out there. There is no reason why, no reason why, someone who deserves and needs treatment in this state doesn't get it. There is no reason why any family should be ashamed to reach out to a neighbor, a friend, and ask for help. There is no shame in this. We need to let families know we want them to reach out and ask for help. We want those in the throes of addiction to know that then they ask for help we give that help without judgment. We give that help without bias. We give that help without prejudice, and that we give that help with love, with understanding, with strength and hope and commitment, because it is only through those gifts of love and strength and hope and commitment that we can help them heal. There is not a person here nor a person that we know that hasn't been touched by this problem. Too many people are dying. Too many people are suffering unnecessarily.  And we need now to understand that the days of punishment to deal with this problem need to be over. The days of recrimination for this problem need to be over. We need now to commit to each other tonight on the souls of those lost and the souls of those who are struggling to find hope during this holiday season that we will commit to each other to do all that we can to help to save those who can be saved but just need our help to see their way to the light. The reason for the candles tonight is not just to honor those souls that have been extinguished but is to put a bright enough light in our capitol city so that people can walk towards that light of hope. People need to know that there is a better tomorrow available to them. And the only way they’re going to do that is if they now we haven’t given up on them. No matter what our frustrations and our anger over what this disease does to the people closest to us, we have to turn that anger and that disappointment into resolve and trust in the fact that treatment does work and will work for our loved one and that judgement and abandonment will most certainly lead to death and despair. For all those families who are here tonight who have lost a loved one: I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your commitment to this cause. For those of you who are here in recovery: I want to tell you that I pray for you every day, that you have the strength and the resolve to make it to tomorrow. For those of you who may be here tonight who are searching for recovery but haven’t yet found it: look around you. Every one of these people is here tonight for you. To give you hope. To give you strength. To show you love and to let you know that in this state, as long as I am Governor, we will not give up on one person’s ability to be able to save themselves if we show them the path. And so, I want to wish to everyone here all that this season is supposed to bring. Remember that Christmas and Chanukah are at their core, holidays of hope. We need to make sure that through our words and our deeds, we give hope to those who tonight sit addicted and hopeless. And if we give that gift, there is no greater gift that any of us could give to each other and to the ones we love this Christmas.


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Brian Murray

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