"The Governor hit the nail on the head today. The accomplishment of cutting taxes and reducing government is enormous, but pales in comparison to the addiction epidemic plaguing our state.”

The Governor hit the nail on the head today. The accomplishment of cutting taxes and reducing government is enormous, but pales in comparison to the addiction epidemic plaguing our state.

Assemblyman Anthony Bucco: “The Governor hit the nail on the head today.  The accomplishment of cutting taxes and reducing government is enormous, but pales in comparison to the addiction epidemic plaguing our state.” (Press Release, 1/10/17)

·        “As Governor Christie said, if you don’t know where to find help then you can’t get it.  I have worked with the Governor in the past at Daytop, a statewide drug and alcohol addiction center for teens. The disease of addiction is a tough fight, we have a lot of work to do, but I am proud of the progress we have made.”

Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr.: “Few would disagree that the epidemic of drug abuse that plagues New Jersey is among the most pressing issues facing our state.” (Press Release, 1/10/17)

·        “I commend Governor Christie for choosing such an important forum to highlight the need for a comprehensive state response. We look forward to continuing the bipartisan effort to combat New Jersey’s drug crisis this year, and to advancing other important efforts to rebuild trust in government, create opportunities for residents, and make New Jersey affordable.”

Senate President Steve Sweeney: “I’m going to do everything I can do to try to meet it, we’ll see. You know Michael, there is probably more than the just the punchline that he said but it’s actually something I truly believe in. I think it’s the right thing to do. It’s an important issue that – he stated it as well as you can, there’s too many families that can’t get their loved ones where they need it and insurance companies are always interfering, looking at their bottom line rather than people. So if we can get it done in thirty days I’m going to do everything I can to get it done in thirty days.”  (Press Conference, 1/10/17)

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto: “I can tell you nobody can disagree on the epidemic on drugs that there is. Drug prevention, and drug treatment is something that we can all rally around and I think it's very important and again, I am proud to work with him on trying to make sure that everybody that has health insurance gets what is due and not get denied of coverage to be able to get those treatments that are very important.” (Press Conference, 1/10/17)

Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald: “I applaud his focus on this issue of addiction. I think if the work we are able to do together as Republicans and Democrats to find a pilot program around tax restructuring that was broken. If we can come together and understand that addiction is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it’s not a rich or a poor issue, that it is an issue that can affect any family at any time.” (Press Conference, 1/10/17)

Assemblyman John McKeon: "Gov. Christie's speech today hit many honest points that need to be discussed in the open when it comes to addiction. One in particular, his proposal for mandating insurance companies to pay for up to 180 days of inpatient rehabilitation/detox, is exactly what we need to be doing…Knowing where the Governor stands on this particular issue gives me hope that we in New Jersey, coming together as one team, can help those with addiction…I stand ready to assist with Speaker Prieto and the rest of our legislative leadership to move such a bill as the Governor has described and get it to his desk immediately." (Press Release, 1/10/17).

Senator Joseph Vitale: “The opioid epidemic and the disease of addiction continue to devastate New Jersey residents from all walks of life. The nation and our state are in the grips of a harrowing crisis, and I thank Governor Christie for his commitment to addressing the problem within our state.” (Press Release, 1/10/17)

Sayreville Mayor Kennedy O’Brien: "The stance Governor Christie has taken toward substance abuse and recovery is one of compassion and action.  During the State of the State Address, he reaffirmed his commitment to combating a disease that has touched nearly every New Jerseyan- I commend his efforts.” (Statement, 1/10/17)

Lisa Laitman, Director of the Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program at Rutgers: “We are thrilled to hear that the governor is highlighting this important issue.” (Press Release, 1/10/17)

·        “For many years we have known that providing special housing in a supportive environment really makes recovery possible for many young people.”

Angelo Valente, Executive Director of Partnership for a Drug Free NJ: “The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey strongly supports the Governor’s comprehensive plan of action to prevent dependency from a prescribed opiate, through regulation, education and the expansion of treatment. This plan will have a monumental impact on reversing the opioid abuse epidemic impacting New Jersey.” (Statement, 1/10/17)

Debra Wentz, President and CEO of the New Jersey Association of Mental Health: "In addition to these very meaningful and impactful initiatives, Governor Christie has frequently reinforced the fact that addiction is a disease and must be treated the same as all other health conditions.” (Matt Arco, Christie dedicates last year as governor to tackling 'crisis of drug addiction', Star-Ledger, 1/10/17)

Roger Bodman, Public Strategies Impact Senior Partner : “I would suggest to the cynics out there who suggest it's just a politician down on his luck looking for a good way out, no . No. This is a man with a big heart and if you listen to that speech carefully, you can come to no other conclusion.” (Interview, NJTV, 1/10/17)

Stephen Sterling, Star-Ledger: “…I've yet to meet anyone that believes the gov is not genuinely passionate about this issue.” (Tweet, 1/10/17)

Bill Pascrell, III, Democratic Strategist: “It was an hour and 15 minute speech and upwards of an hour was dedicated to this issue. I give him a lot of credit. I think there will be those, perhaps in my party, who will be skeptical about why now? Why not when he was at the pinnacle of his career? I don't want to go there today because I think all of us can identify one way another with what he is talking about.” (Interview, NJTV, 1/10/17)  

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