Gov. Christie: Narcan Has A Real Impact On Giving People Second Chances, Which Is What We Want To Do


Governor Christie: Seven hundred and two people getting Narcan just in 2016, just from Cooper EMS. Seven hundred and two. Remember from the State of the State Address, 1,600 people in New Jersey died in 2015 of an opiate overdose. And when George was saying more than murders, more than rapes, more than burglaries, just understand the context of that because 1,600 in the state of nine million people it’s hard to contextualise those numbers I want to remind you that’s four times the number of people who were murdered in New Jersey in 2015 and three times the number of people who were killed an automobile accident. That is tragic and startling and should be disturbing to everyone. And so the idea that we developed and implemented to train every EMS and first responder in the state to use Narcan, to supply Narcan in every one of the 21 counties is making an enormous difference in saving lives. I was at Integrity House last week and spoke to folks who were in there for treatment now. And every one of them around the table had been saved by Narcan at least once and a number of them have been saved by Narcan multiple times so this drug has a real impact on giving people second chances, which is what we want to do in our society in general and certainly want to do in the drug situation as well.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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