Governor Christie: We Want To Put The Best Teachers At The Front Of The Classroom


Student: I’m a sophomore so the future is yet to come but I’m excited for it. And the question I would like to ask you is you’re here for like education purposes right so directly, have you had a set plan on how like we can improve education or like how like we can better it? Like do you have any plans for that in the future?

Governor Christie: Yeah, well my future is limited in that regard but yeah we’ve been working for seven years to try to do a lot of that stuff and part of the new high school that is being built here is part of that plan. So in our urban centers where a lot of the school facilities are older and many of them are just completely as you know, some of you haven’t been at the old Trenton Central High School are just not helpful to try to get you to learn to be in an environment where you can focus on learning and not focus about what the environment is like around you. That’s one part of the plan and that’s why we’re building a new high school here in Trenton. We’re building a new high school in Camden and those high school buildings will be among the best of any high school, public high school in New Jersey when they’re finished. Another part of the plan is to try to make sure you have the best teacher you can in front of the class room, regardless of that teacher’s experience, that teacher’s background, how they got there, we want to put the best teachers at the front of the classroom. We know that other than your parents, the biggest influence on your educational achievement is going to be your teacher, the teacher in each one of the classrooms that you walk into and them being prepared and them being enthusiastic, and them helping you achieve is a big part of that.


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