Governor Christie: You Work Harder Than Anyone To Raise Your Families And Help People


Governor Christie: Yeah it’s going to be great to have you out there building the bridges and the roads and fixing the rails that need to be done to make our state better, more modern, easier to travel around, but we know it will never be easier to travel around New Jersey, no matter how many roads we build, no matter how many bridges we fix, it’ll still be a pain to drive around this state. But here’s the reason why, because we got 9 million people in this little space, and the reason that we do is because it is the greatest place in America to live and that’s why everybody wants to come here. Well, what I thought about the entire time, we were fighting this fight, was not those bridges and roads and tunnels and railways. I thought about your families. I thought about the fact that doing this meant, not that we were giving you anything, we’re not giving you anything. All we’re doing is letting you do what you do best, which is work harder than anybody out there works to raise your families. So when I was fighting for this I was thinking about your husbands and your wives, your sons and your daughters who count on you every night to come home with a paycheck, every day to go to work that matters that helps people, and to be the type of role model inside your house that teaches your children that hard work and loyalty does pay off. Well, today we know that hard and loyalty pays off in New Jersey, and that’s because of all of you.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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