Governor Christie: It’s Not Enough For Us Just To Change Laws, We’ve Got To Change Minds Too


Governor Christie: We’re going to be doing some stuff next month, in March, bringing a summit together of large number of businesses in the state, big companies, small companies, for us, myself and Governor McGreevy are going to do it together, to try to reset the rules about how you deal with the problems you just talked about. About setting up specific opportunities for people who are re-entering from prison and from rehab so that they’re viewed differently. Now, we’ve done some things earlier about blocking the box blocking the box but I know people are finding some ways around that, right? So, we’ve got to change attitudes, not just change laws. One of the things is, you change laws and you think everyone is going to follow them. That’s why we have jails. Because they don’t. And why we have people who are going around that. So, you’ll see in March we’re bringing these folks together. These are all people who want to help and want to try to lead a different attitude in the state towards people who are trying to change their lives, as you said. And I think it’s not enough for us just to change laws, we’ve got to go and change minds too, because in the end if the private sector is not willing to hire folks, we’re not going to have enough government jobs to be able to help everybody who wants to help and get themselves back on their feet.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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