Governor Christie: We're Going To Be Working The Hardest On Access To Addiction Treatment


Governor Christie: Waiting a month may not make it. May not make it because you kill yourself. You may not make it because you OD and no one is around to give you Narcan to help you to get you back. There are a whole bunch of reasons why, or maybe you just lose the will to help yourself. So all those things are pushing us towards, as the Mayor said, trying to streamline this. We have one number now 844-ReachNJ, you call that one place they are going to tell you where there are treatment facilities, where there are open beds, they will talk to you if you're poor and on Medicaid, what places will accept Medicaid, if you're rich and it doesn't matter, which places you can go to that will take cash payment and if your insurance company - if you have health insurance and you are a middle-class person where you can go where your health insurance is going to be accepted and be able to get into a place. Because I know that a lot of people, and I'm sure you got lucky because Mary Gay grabbed you and helped you. But a lot of people don't know where to go, they want help and they don't know where to go and so hopefully this new number and we have a website the same way, where families can go who are trying to help a loved one or that person can pick up the phone themselves and call and say where can I go to get help. So you're right about the access part of it and that's the thing we're going to be working on the hardest.


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Brian Murray

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