Governor Chris Christie Takes Action On Pending Legislation

Trenton, NJ –  Governor Chris Christie today signed legislation, S-2156/A-3424, requiring medical professionals to educate children and teenagers about addiction risks before issuing prescription drugs.

“This critical prevention legislation will stem the growing tide of drug addiction in New Jersey that has been largely caused by the misuse of prescription drugs or prescription drugs getting into the wrong hands,” Governor Christie said. “Coupled with dozens of other new reforms underway, including a comprehensive in-school curriculum for kindergarteners through 12th graders, we can stop this fatal disease from decimating another generation. Piece by piece, I am proud that my administration, with bipartisan cooperation from the legislature, is creating a holistic model for America to curb this epidemic impacting all residents, families, communities and businesses.”

Governor Christie also took action on the following legislation:


S-602/A-1138 (Cunningham, T. Kean/Holley, Chiaravalloti) - “New Jersey International Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation Act”

SCS for S-727/A-3955 (Cruz-Perez, Van Drew/Barclay, Wimberly, Holley) - “New Jersey Open Data Initiative” to require certain information be provided on Internet to public and State agencies

S-879/A-4237 (Greenstein, Bateman/Sumter, Benson) - Prohibits termination of law enforcement officer or firefighter based upon determination that officer or firefighter is physically unable to perform duties under certain circumstances

S-1066/A-3649 (Singer, Beck/S. Kean, Rible, Mukherji, Pinkin, Vainieri Huttle, Schaer) - Allows filing of birth certificate to be delayed for religious reasons, for up to 15 days after birth, in order to allow for naming of child

S-1131/A-3489 (Rice/Tucker, Houghtaling, Mukherji, Wimberly) - Provides for notification of emergency contact in event of death of senior citizen in certain housing facilities

S-1474/A-2786 (Ruiz/Benson, Sumter, Caride, McKnight, Vainieri Huttle, Pintor Marin, Wimberly) - Requires teacher preparation program for instructional certificate to include certain amount of instruction or clinical experience in special education and for students with disabilities endorsement to include credit hours in autism spectrum disorder

S-1830/A-3411 (Rice, Vitale, Turner/Muoio, Benson, Singleton, Greenwald, Pinkin, Downey, Sumter, Wimberly) - Requires DOH regulations regarding elevated blood lead levels in children, and appropriate responses thereto, to be consistent with latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations

S-2156/A-3424 (Weinberg, Vitale/Lagana, Pinkin, Vainieri Huttle, Caride, Caputo, Wimberly, Moriarty) - Requires prescribers to discuss addiction risk associated with certain drugs prior to issuing prescription to minor patient

S-2321/A-3774 (Oroho, Beach/Burzichelli, Wisniewski, Mosquera, Houghtaling, Wimberly) - Concerns excessive price increases during state of emergency

S-2364/A-3946 (Oroho, Stack/Burzichelli, Dancer, Mukherji, Holley, A.M. Bucco) - Establishes pilot program appointing third party vendors to administer commercial driver license testing

S-2370/A-3904 (Whelan/Burzichelli) Authorizes operation of lottery courier services

S-2477/A-4083 (Sarlo, Oroho/Schaer, Space, Mukherji, Singleton) - Concerns certain unused portions of tax credits issued to insurance premiums taxpayers under the Business Employment Incentive Program; exempts certain purchasers of business development incentives from certain State tax notification requirements

S-2731/A-4326 (Greenstein, Bateman/Muoio, Burzichelli, Mazzeo, Mukherji) - Authorizes New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend additional sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2017

S-2732/A-4327 (Codey, Gill/Zwicker, Conaway, Danielsen, Muoio, Mukherji, Gusciora) - Amends list of environmental infrastructure projects approved for long-term funding for FY2017 to include new projects and revise allowable loan amounts for already approved projects 


S-600/A-3625 (Cunningham, Stack/McKnight, Chiaravalloti, Mukherji) – CONDITIONAL - Requires DOH to authorize Jersey City to issue certified copies of birth certificates by September 1, 2017

S-1585/A-3335 (Rice, Ruiz/Sumter, Pintor Marin, Wimberly, Mukherji, Gusciora) - – CONDITIONAL - Establishes program allowing certain applicants to perform community service in lieu of paying motor vehicle surcharges

S-2267/A-2771 (Diegnan, Greenstein/Webber, O'Scanlon, A.M. Bucco) -  CONDITIONAL - Establishes asset forfeiture reporting requirements

S-2347/A-3723 (Rice, Ruiz/Pintor Marin, Giblin) – CONDITIONAL - Permits certain municipalities to impose and collect payroll tax of up to 1% of employer’s payroll

S-2575/A-4187 (Sweeney, Whelan/Burzichelli)ABSOLUTE - Disqualifies casino license applicant for five-year period if person substantially closed casino property in State; revokes license; reinstates license eligibility under certain circumstances

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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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