Governor Christie To Students: You’re The Ones Who Are Going To Solve The Drug Problem


Governor Christie: We know people make mistakes and when they do, the best people to help you are the adults who love you and care about you. Your parents, your teachers, police officers, who are all there to protect you and to keep you safe. That’s what we’re all trying to do because we want to spend less time on all of this and more time on reading and math and science and all the things that will help you get a great job, go to college, and enjoy your life and be healthy. So, those are the things that I want you to think about. There are lots of things that you will learn from the LEAD program and I’m not going to try to tell them all to you today because the LEAD officers will do that for you, that’s what they’re here for. And they’re dedicated to that, to keeping you safe and to keeping you informed, keeping you smart so you know what to do. But remember where I started:  the most important people in this room, not me, not the people in the uniforms, not the people with the cameras and the notepads that all write in the newspaper and go on TV, you’re the most important people in this room because if we’re going to solve this problem, you’re the ones who are going to solve it because you’re going to be smart and you're going to make good decisions and when you have friends who need help, you’re not going to keep it a secret. You're going to help them get the help they need to feel better and to feel healthier because the most important thing is for you to be healthy. All the rest of it we can fix. The healthy part is harder to fix.



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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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