Governor Christie On Addiction: We Need Treatment Because Every Life Is Precious


Governor Christie: I don’t think we’ve ever had a worse time, at least in my memory of the last 20 years, in terms of the epidemic of drug abuse and the way it’s affecting every different kind of family across the state and across the country and there has been well intentioned efforts over the course of the last, I’d say 30-35 years, by law enforcement, which I was a member of for many years, just to try to kind of arrest our way out of this problem and throw as many people in jail as we possibly could out of the theory that, if we put you in jail you’d get your life together and come back out. That’s failed. It doesn’t work for a whole bunch of reasons it doesn’t work. There is no blame being put anywhere. People were well intentioned in trying to do that. But I think what we’ve learned over the last 20 years is that the only way that we’re going to deal with this epidemic is not only to deal with supply issues and law enforcement issues against dealers, people who are profiting from this industry, but we have to get treatment for folks for two reasons: One because that gives them a second chance at their life and will end, we hope, through their efforts and the tools that they’re given during treatment, their desire to continue to take drugs but secondly, we need to do it because every life is precious and every family who has been affected by this, starts off at the beginning when a little baby is born hoping for that child everything in life they could possibly have, but it starts with good health and being able to function as a human being and that’s every parent’s wish, their basic wish when their child is first born and this problem is taking that away.


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