Governor Christie: Daytop Is A Place Where Miracles Happen Everyday


Governor Christie: I worked on the Daytop issues for the three years I was freeholder and then I was involuntarily retired from the freeholder board and so then Joe came to me and asked me to be on the board. And I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do and whether I really wanted to do this. And I remember sitting down with him here and saying, well why would I want to do this, and what do you think I can contribute to this now and he said well I'll tell you why you want to be here. and he said it's the same reason I'm here. So I said, why are you here, you could be anywhere your priest you can do anything else. And he said, I'm here because I found the place on earth where miracles happen every day. He said why would I ever want to leave a place especially as a priest where I can actually see miracles happen every day. He's talking about you. And when he said it that way to me I thought man that is a pretty special place to be. To be a place where miracles happen on earth every day. And the miracles are you. Every one of you, are the miracles that he was talking about. And there's no greater mystery than the difference between life and death. We spend our whole life trying to figure out why certain people die when they do. Dealing with the grief when loved ones die. That you don't understand why did this happen. The mystery between life and death is really amazing if you can be in a place every day where you can make the difference between life and death and that's an incredible place to be. Whether you're here as a patient, who's learning to make the difference between life and death in your own life. Whether you're here as a counselor and employee, who's helping determine the difference between life and death. Whether you're here as a parent, who originally gave that life that's here and you are struggling like crazy to not have it go away. And you watch it come back to life to you as a parent. No matter who you are here. These miracles are really pretty extraordinary and Joe is absolutely right. That's why I joined the board. And why I continue to be involved here and protective of this place.


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Brian Murray

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