Governor Christie: Asking For Help Is Not A Sign Of Weakness, But It Is In Fact A Sign Of Strength


Governor Christie: As I’ve said before addiction is not a moral failing, it is a disease and the more that we talk about it as a disease, treat it as a disease, regulated it as a disease the more people will finally get the idea that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but it is in fact a sign of strength. It will send a signal to parents that asking for help for your child is not a sign that you’re a bad parent, but a good one.  It will show husbands and wives across the state that being married to someone with  the disease of  addiction is not a failure by you as a spouse, but to ignore that problem is a failure. We need to understand that this is the only way we are going to change this problem across our state and hopefully across our nation. I had the opportunity yesterday to be at the White House for lunch with Mary Pat on Valentine’s Day. We had an extra guest, the President of the United States, who came in on our Valentine’s Day lunch that we were going to have there. So it was good to see the President and we spent a good amount of time yesterday talking about this problem and he wanted to hear about the legislation that I told him I was hopeful would be passed by the assembly today. Had a great talk with the President and I’m sure we’re going to have further conversations about the way we can deal with this problem on a much broader level, but the opportunity to have that time with him yesterday was particularly timely for this issue and for what we’re trying to do in New Jersey. But by signing this bill we know New Jersey now leads the way across the entire country in first and foremost recognizing this is a disease and that’s why I want to thank these legislators who were so out front on this issue.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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