Governor Christie: I’m Encouraging You, Don’t Suffer, Pick Up The Phone & Get Help Today


Governor Christie: As of last week since we started our ad campaign the calls to 1-844-REACHNJ are up 50 percent. It’s not that people don’t need help, it’s that they don’t know where to go for help, and they’re kind of scared to ask for help, and sometimes embarrassed to ask for help. And the more I can go out there and put the face of the leader of this state in front of them saying, ‘Don’t wait, don’t suffer, pick up the phone and start to get help today.’ Those are the things we need to do to help people understand that it is no problem to ask for help. In fact, the Governor is encouraging you to do that as the leader of 8.9 million people in this state. So for all of the families that are here today, and the providers who are here today who have gone and are going through this fight and who care about this issue, I can tell you for sure you are the people who inspire me. Whenever I feel like I may not want to do this, I think about you. Not just those who have succeeded through recovery, those who have lost loved ones, who haven’t made it through recovery, and the people who are in the trenches every day working with addicts to try to make sure that they get a second chance at life. I think about all of you, and you’ve been the inspiration for doing this for me and I know for many of you you have been for the men and women in the state legislature.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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