What They're Saying: ‘What Governor Christie accomplished was much more than enacting legislation, he followed through on his promise to stand with those facing addiction.’

What They’re Saying:
 ‘What Governor Christie accomplished was much more than enacting legislation, he followed through on his promise to stand with those facing addiction.’



James Curtin, Daytop Village: “What Governor Christie accomplished was much more than enacting legislation, he followed through on his promise to stand with those facing addiction as well as taking New Jersey in historic strides toward prevention. I sincerely applaud the Governor for his continued support and thank him for his leadership.”  (Statement, 2/16/17)

Senate President Stephen Sweeney: “Limiting the over-prescribing of opioid painkillers, which are the gateway to heroin and other illicit drug use, will help prevent people from getting started. Too many families have suffered, and this law will go a long way in alleviating the problem in our state.” (Release, 2/15/17)

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean: “Today Governor Chris Christie signed a bill I sponsored to ensure accessible and affordable treatment for those battling #addiction. Today proves that the #NJ Senate is capable of moving quickly to help people in need.” (Facebook, 2/15/17)

Senator Joseph Vitale: “[T]his law will go a long way in addressing the abuse and diversion of prescription painkillers, and it will ensure that many of those who need help can get access to it immediately without delays due to insurance coverage limitations. We will continue our efforts aimed at education, prevention, and treatment of substance abuse.” (Release, 2/15/17)

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto: "While this legislation aims to prevent addiction to begin with, it also recognizes the realities that have taken hold, and substantially bolsters treatment options and health benefits for those that have succumbed to this epidemic. This is an issue that has touched the lives of nearly every New Jerseyan either directly or indirectly and I'm glad to see that my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and in both houses have come together swiftly to support this legislation."  (Release, 2/15/17)

Assembly Republican Conference Leader Dave Rible: “Today we took a huge step in the fight against drug addiction in New Jersey. Thanks to Governor Christie for signing legislation I sponsored that requires insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment and regulates the amount of powerful opioids that can be prescribed. Too many people -- especially our young people -- are falling victim to the heroin epidemic and today represents an important step in the ongoing fight against drug abuse.” (Facebook, 2/15/17)

Dr. Debra Wentz, NJ Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies: “This bill demonstrates the Christie Administration’s recognition that substance use disorders are medical illnesses, which, along with mental health disorders, must be treated the same – both clinically, and in attitude – as physical health conditions.  Governor Christie has been a staunch advocate for substance use treatment and his consistently anti-stigma approach is a benefit to everyone with a substance use disorder.” (Release, 2/15/17)

Donna DeStefano, NJGCADA & PICK Awareness: “As a special State Officer on The Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, a mother whose daughter is in recovery from heroin addiction, and a professional in this field…I applaud the governor for moving swiftly on his promise to reduce the number of potential opiate addiction's by signing this bill. People with a substance abuse disorder will not be denied treatment by insurance companies which will undoubtedly help families that are in crisis. By reducing the initial count on a prescription, the probability of someone getting addicted is lowered. I'm looking forward to working with him and continuing to strategize on these issues.” (Statement, 2/16/17)

Kevin Meara, City of Angels: “It is hard to fathom that with a heroin epidemic devastating not only New Jersey, but our country as well, that we would have to legislate insurance coverage for addiction treatment and opioid training for medical personnel. In light of the fact that insurers and the medical field failed to police themselves, thank God we, NJ, have a governor who has the guts to mandate these measures. In addition, the Governor's restriction on opioid prescribing, while controversial for some, is absolutely necessary to push the pendulum back the other way. Volunteering now for nearly nine years since our son's death, Maryann and I realize this will not bring him back, but we are certain that this will save lives and so other parents will not suffer the loss our family, along with too many others, has had to bear.” (Statement, 2/16/17)

Horizon CEO Robert A. Marino: “The severity of New Jersey's opioid problem calls for a comprehensive and serious effort that can only succeed if all of us join together to be part of the solution.  I applaud the governor and legislative leaders for working to strike the right balance, engaging all parties to face the problem and advancing a comprehensive solution.” (Robert A. Marino, We need a comprehensive approach to N.J.'s opioid crisis, Star-Ledger, 2/10/17)

Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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