Governor Christie: Recovery Lifts Burdens And Allows For Joy


Governor Christie: My first real interaction with AJ was at his Bar Mitzvah and from the time that I first got to spend some time with him, one of the things that I recognized about him was that he was a  truly extraordinary combination of Lee and Dianne. You know when you're a parent you never know as your children are growing and you see certain parts of yourself, parts you like and other parts that you don't like emerging in them. The joy that I always found in AJ was that he took, always what I had thought were the best parts of Lee and the best parts of Dianne in his personality. The fact that he's an addict doesn't change that a bit. He is a person who has an extraordinary sense of joy. Drugs took that joy away from him and buried it, but it didn't kill it. It just buried it deep inside him. And it was through all the folks who were there for him when he was ready for recovery that were able not only to help him move along that road, but also as Lee talked about to lift that burden off him and when the burden was lifted off him that joy came back out. When it buried it was taken away. And he talks about him coming to see me, you know, after he had returned and was working hard on his recovery to apologize to me and to make amends. And he’s talking about how great it was for me to see him, that was an extraordinary day for me. I think if anybody has had the experience of having someone dear and close to them go through this and have that person getting better every day and feeling prepared to come and to talk to you honestly and emotionally about what had happened to his life and what role you played in it. I told him that day he was giving me an enormous gift. I wasn't giving him anything, he was giving me an enormous gift to share that with me.


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