Gov. Christie: Our Community Colleges Are Key To Creating A Well-Educated, Well-Trained Workforce


Governor Christie: We have to utilize the model of the community colleges to help to make sure that we’re training people to get the jobs that are available. So a highly skilled and educated workforce prepared by our 19 community colleges across the state is critical to the success of the business community. I can’t tell you how many businesses I’ve visited over the last few years who have said they have job openings but they’re not finding the people qualified to fill those job openings. That’s a sin. It’s bad for the economy but it’s also awful for families who are out there struggling and want to have the training to be able to fulfill those jobs but haven’t been able to find it. There are companies like LG Electronics, where I was last week, Honeywell, Goya, UPS who are looking to expand their corporate presence here in the state and want a well-educated, well-trained workforce to help them do that. Our community colleges are going to play a key role in making sure that that happens. So today we signed our declaration of commitment for a new partnership with our 19 community colleges that will provide new pathways to economic opportunity for the residents who want to avail themselves of the services provided here.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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