Video & Transcript: Gov. Christie: Your Mission Is For Clients To Reach Their Fullest Potential


Governor Christie: I’m going to continue to challenge the stigma associated with mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction, and we’re going to continue to develop and advance and invest in community based programs and services that support those in recovery most importantly because it’s the right thing to do. We have lots of arguments in this country about lots of big issues, and we should. I’m pro-life, the thing I don’t understand about some people in my party though is that they’re incredibly pro-life for that nine months in the womb and then when they come out they seem to diminish on the pro-life stuff. I think you have to be pro-life the whole life, and it’s easy to be pro-life during those 9 months in the womb. I have four children and they were never more delightful to me than when they were in the womb. Mary Pat might have a bit of a different feeling about that. I understand that, but for the guys, they’re never better than when they’re in the womb. You get to go and see the sonogram a couple times, they look, they're growing, they look so cute, you feel a kick and a punch every once in a while and they’re delightful. It gets hard when they come out. In the womb they haven’t done anything, at least for the fathers, to disappoint us yet. They haven’t done anything to challenge us yet. They haven’t had any problems that we needed to deal with for them. Pro-life is much harder to be after they’re born when the challenges happen, and so to me, if you’re pro-life that means you need to be pro-life the whole life. That means you're pro-life for the person with a developmental disability who needs the extra care, the extra attention to reach their fullest potential. You’re pro-life, you have to be pro-life for the 16-year-old teenage girl who is a drug addict lying on the floor of the county lock up. You have to be pro-life for her too. You got to be pro-life for the mid-50’s partner in a law firm who’s addicted to drugs and alcohol, and is throwing his life and the life of his family down the drain, you got to be pro-life for his life, too. See I believe that every life is an individual gift from God and that those lives all deserve the care and the attention that they need to reach their fullest potential. That potential will be different for everybody. It is different for everybody no matter what challenges you face, whether those challenges are profound or less so, we all face them. And the reason the work you do is so special is  in my mind you’re meeting that mission that God lays out for every human being, to do what we can do for ourselves and for those in our community to help them reach their God-given fullest potential.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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