Governor Christie: I'm Hoping We Can Bring This Approach In NJ To A National Level


Governor Christie: I want to spend most of my time listen to you and listening to what you're doing up here and how you're helping. Yesterday was, I think a really great day for us to get the country focused on this issue. Individuals as you know, across  the country are focused on it, families are because they're being affected by it every day. But I don't think  it was has had the focus at the  national government level on the human part of this problem.   And when I was putting together the event yesterday for the President, I told the folks at the White House that I had no interest in participating unless I could bring some folks from New Jersey who were addicts and a mom who had lost her son to the problem because I wanted the President to hear that directly and I think that was the most powerful part of the event yesterday. Was the president actually sitting there and asking questions of Vanessa and AJ and Pam about their experiences and you know I know that in the governor's job if you're  not getting out you can get kind of isolated on this stuff. The President is a geometrically larger isolation problem and so I wanted him not to just hear from a bunch of people in public policy mode, but for him to sit and listen to Vanessa talking about her mother driving around Atlantic City in the  middle of the night looking for her, every night. And Vanessa actively hiding herself from her mother because she knew that she got brought home she couldn't use. And for AJ to talk about how he started his problem that his father was injured and had an unfinished bottle oxy that AJ went into medicine cabinet and swiped and decided he wanted to try. And we told the President yesterday, President asked him what does it feel like and AJ said to him from the first pill that I took I decided that this is the way I wanted to feel every day for the rest of my life. And you know, when I went back into the Oval Office after that to talk to the President he said I had no idea, I had no idea that that was the intensity of the feeling from these drugs. And so you know, dealing with this problem and a whole bunch of different levels is something we've been doing in New Jersey and you all have  been doing great work here. I'm so glad  Eva's Village is here because they do extraordinary things and have been a real partner with me and  I think I'm coming to see you again in a few weeks. And they're just, they do wonderful work as you all know in the community the same way St. Joseph's does. And so I'm hoping that we can bring this approach that we've started in New Jersey and other great ideas from around the country to a national level so that the President can help to implement those things and try  to bring some relief  to the families who are really suffering across this country because you know they are.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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