Governor Christie: We Are Changing What Were Awful Governmental Conditions In AC


Governor Christie: We have shown that we’re committed to doing the hard things in Atlantic City. Before Steve and I started working together in 2010, only the easy things were done in Atlantic City and that was not only from the state level, but at the local level, as well. And when you do the easy things, the easy way for much too long, it catches up to you, and it creates a whole bunch of challenges that have to be met. Hard Rock’s willingness now to come in and invest significantly in Atlantic City shows you that they appreciated the hard things that have been done to restructure this city, and to make it a place where investing makes sense. One of the things that I know is part of the reason that Hard Rock has made the investment here in Atlantic City is because they believe they can be profitable. I don’t believe they would come here if they didn’t think they could make money. And I will tell you that that was not the circumstance in Atlantic City when I first became Governor. People were leaving Atlantic City, because they were losing money. They were leaving Atlantic City, because of the awful conditions that they were met with from a governmental perspective. And so we’ve changed that. Whenever you change that, it’s hard to do. You’re not making friends in the short term, but in the long term, 2018, when this place is rockin’ on Wednesday night and Thursday night and Tuesday night, forget about the weekend, people will say that the decisions that were made here were the right decisions to make this possible.



Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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