Gov. Christie: Our Investment In Mercer Co. College Is Providing People With Opportunity


Governor Christie: We know that to be competitive, people need an education. And as I was saying at Raritan Valley a few weeks ago, that isn’t just a four year college education. We need people to understand that in any way that they increase their educational capability, they are making themselves more marketable, they are making themselves more valuable to potential employers across the state. And places like Mercer County College are an indispensable part of giving people opportunity. I did call county colleges hope factories because I really do believe that whether you’re just coming out of high school, whether you’re returning from the military, whether you’re in a transition in your career in your middle age, that a place like this can provide you with an opportunity to know what the next step forward in your life, both professionally and economically, is going to be. We’re looking at all different kinds of ways to work with our community colleges to try to provide the kind of expanded programs the 21st century is demanding of folks. And that’s why we were so happy to invest in what’s happening here in Trenton at Mercer County College. They’re providing a broad array of services here and educational opportunities for students and with this new facility, they’re doing it in a way that will take advantage of the latest technology. So much of the expansion that we’ve done across the state, whether it’s at Rutgers University, at our community colleges or even at some of our private institutions that we've invested in, has been about bringing our technology up to the level that our students expect, and in fact, they should demand for the tuition that they’re paying. I really believe that what we’re doing here at Mercer County College is contributing to that in a significant way. Just to give you some scope, we will have invested over $1.2 billion in just taxpayer money in addition to matching money that’s been given by the institutions in expanding our capacity, modernizing our campuses and giving opportunity to students, both young and older, who would not have had those opportunities before. That’s part of what the government should be doing.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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