Gov. Christie: There’s Nothing Worse Than A Life Devoid Of Hope, It’s Not What God Intended

  • Wednesday, April 12, 2017
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Governor Christie: One thing I don’t want a video like that to indicate is a victory lap, because we haven’t had anywhere near a victory on what we need to do here. The fact is that we have people dying in our midst every day, every day. We have families being torn apart every day by addiction. And for those folks who don’t die, they wind up all too often in our prisons, in our county jails, in our state prisons, in our federal penitentiaries. And that they live, in both instances, whether they are inside a penitentiary or whether they are outside and with addiction, they live without hope. And there’s nothing worse than a life devoid of hope, nothing. And it is certainly in my view, not what God intended when he granted that life. And so what we have to do is try to extend hope to people and all the things that our administration has tried to do in this regard is to try to take a realistic approach to the problems that we have.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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