Gov. Christie: Employers Are Coming Back, Believing We Have Turned The Corner In Atlantic City


Governor Christie: This city is an extraordinary asset both for our state and for the entire region, and it was neglected. It was neglected by lots of people. There’s no reason to sit around and play the blame game. It happened a long time ago, but there is no way you can conclude it wasn’t. Now, what you’re seeing is what happens when people are vigilant stewards and investors in an asset. That asset can grow and in fact, even one that had wilted a bit can come back to life, and that’s what we’re seeing here, and private investors don’t put their money in for charitable reasons. They may have charitable motivations that are part of it but in the end, their job is to do projects that are profitable. Hard Rock is not coming here because they weren’t to engage in a charitable enterprise. South Jersey Gas is not engaged in a charitable enterprise. So, these folks who are coming back into the city are here, because they believe that we have turned the corner and they are willing to put their money behind the efforts that what we’ve done together. For all the folks who are here and have had a part of this, I'm really, really happy to be able to join you today and to say thank you to you for your patience, for your continued faith and confidence. We will never do things that everybody agrees with, and that is not the standard by which I judge success. I judge success by others putting their deeds in line with ours and that’s what you see happening here today.



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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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