Governor Christie: Atlantic City Is On The Road To Living Within Their Means


Governor Christie: I think if I had told you, forget about five years ago, if I had told you a year ago, that we would announce a 5-percent decrease in Atlantic City property taxes for the 2017 budget year, you would’ve said that both Sweeney and I were crazy. But the fact is that when you make difficult decisions, you can actually do things like decrease property taxes, and the people of Atlantic City are seeing their first reduction in their property taxes in over a decade. The tax decrease is resulting from a $35-million reduction in the city’s 2017 budget, $56 million less than the 2015 budget, and that is due to two things: the legislation that the state legislature passed and that I signed and the extraordinary efforts of former United States Senator Jeff Chiesa, who has been down here and doing the really hard work, along with the city council to get that done. All of this stuff that has occurred is because of the efforts that we’ve made over the last seven years. We started working with the legislature in 2010, setting up the tourism district, giving greater law enforcement resources through the state police here, making sure that we were increasing, not only public safety but trying to reign in what was being spent. All that stuff took a long time, because you're fighting against a  lot of special interest forces that want the spending to continue unabated, because it’s always easier to spend other people’s money. But when you're governor it’s all the money of the people that you represent, and that’s why we’ve worked forward on making Atlantic City, once again from a municipal government perspective, on the road, not done yet, but on the road to living within their means.



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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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