Governor Christie: We Are Addressing The Single Biggest Public Health Crisis Of Our Time


Governor Christie: What we’re doing as a state and what I hope to help the President do for the country on this issue, comes down to one very simple thing: it’s about saving lives. There’s nothing more important government can do, when you think about what government is here for, it is to protect the life and the liberty and the freedom of the people that elect us. Life is the first thing, and so this is about saving lives. And remember something, and Ocean County understands this as well as any county in New Jersey and probably any county in the country, these folks who are addicted fit no stereotype. Can’t say people who are addicted are less educated, they’re not necessarily. You can’t say that it’s more because you’re poor than because you’re wealthy, can’t be determined by what neighborhood you in live in. It’s not determined by race or ethnicity. It’s not determined by your gender. Everybody is getting swept up in this and I am confident that there is not a person in this room who doesn’t have a friend, family member, or business associate who hasn’t been touched by this problem. We need to start talking to each about it. We need to start helping each other and you know the work that I’m doing here and the work I’m trying to encourage to be done in Washington is about making sure that we address the single biggest public health crisis of our time. It’s this.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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