Gov. Christie: TTF Investment For NJ TRANSIT Bus Modernization Ensures Public Safety, Convenience


Governor Christie: The cameras will be mounted on all sides of the bus, and the driver will then a screen in their bus to allow them to see all around the bus, as they're operating it, and the blind spots that exist in operating any vehicle, a bus even more great than others. And so what this is going to do is provide greater safety first and foremost for the driver, the passengers, but also as I said for those people around it. So to be able to have a 360-degree view of the bus and its surroundings at any time while the bus is operating is something that will make our drivers safer, make our passengers safer, and make those people who are either driving other vehicles, or are pedestrians around those buses even more safe. It's the most modern tool we have for this kind of operation and one that we're happy to invest $29 million in to put on all 2,500 of our buses. New ones and the ones that are in service already. The new ones will come with the cameras, as I said. The old ones will be retrofitted to be able to use the camera system. I am happy to continue to make sure that this transportation funding is used in a way that’s productive for the people of the state and will be ensuring not only their safety but greater convenience for them as they travel around the most densely populated state in the nation.



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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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