If you’re worried about yours, a family member’s or a friend’s drug use, know that help is available. Learning about the nature of drug abuse and addiction—how it develops, what it looks like, and why it can have such a powerful hold—will give you a better understanding of the problem and how to recover. Nobody is alone.

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Addiction & Treatment Stories

In the summer of 2008 Kevin and MaryAnn Meara tragically lost their son K.C. to a heroin overdose. Devastated but determined to help other families, they turned their sorrow into advocacy and created City of Angels, a  non-profit community based, peer-to-peer, grassroots recovery center helping families all across New Jersey.  

Mom, Donna DeStefano share's a poem written in 2011 by her daughter Laura as she struggled with addiction. With Laura now in recovery, Donna created  Parents In Connection for Kids Inc. a non-profit to help families get the support they need for children struggling with addiction.  
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Vanessa share's her story of how a pain killer prescription resulted in a full dependency on heroin. She discusses how addiction can impact anyone, no matter what one’s family background is. Vanessa found recovery through NJ’s drug court program and Integrity House, and is in the process of rebuilding her life.


The Addiction Taskforce

About Us

In September 2014, Governor Christie and Pastor Joe A. Carter of Newark’s New Hope Baptist Church hosted a summit on drug addiction. The event acted as a call to action and conversation – bringing together public leaders, treatment professionals and advocates, and survivors of drug addiction – focused on ending the stigma around drug addiction and treatment. Read More

Facing Addiction Task Force Members

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