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(A Program of the Division of Addiction Services)
Prevention Services Unit

Strategic Plan For A Comprehensive
Tobacco Control Program

Policy Principles


To achieve the goals outlined above, DHSS acknowledges that the following principles are fundamental to policy development, program planning and implementation:

  • Government alone cannot achieve the goals. Achieving reductions in tobacco use for all New Jerseyans will require that DHSS work with existing partners and create new ones that can work together towards this shared vision;

  • Changes in human behavior are difficult to achieve, and it is likely that a sustained, comprehensive effort over a generation is required to achieve and maintain changes in tobacco use across all ages and communities;

  • Changes in knowledge and attitude precede changes in behavior and should be expected early in program implementation. Program evaluation should first focus on measuring changes in knowledge and attitudes, and then on measuring behavioral change;

  • Program design must be evidence-based, building on best practices in New Jersey and other States;

  • Program components must be designed to target populations most in need of services and those groups which are hardest to reach;

  • Ongoing evaluation of all interventions must be integrated into program development and implementation to determine if the interventions are being conducted as planned, to permit assessment of pre-determined benchmarks and outcomes, and to allow for course correction; and,

  • No program component is exclusive of the others; therefore, it is imperative to appropriately implement each one as part of the comprehensive tobacco control program.

This document may only be reproduced in its entirety. No portion of this document may be reproduced without the permission of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.

1999 New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.

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