Cardiac Care 5-Year
Horizon Project Report

Our charge was to develop a brief report that describes expected changes in:

  • Cardiac services technology
  • Patients receiving hospital-based cardiac services
  • How those patients are managed
  • Implications of these changes for the configuration of hospital-based cardiac care.

In doing this, we chose to focus on areas which we feel are most relevant to potential policy decisions before the Department, both in reviewing existing regulations and considering future policy. Therefore, this report is not a review of all aspects of cardiovascular care, but instead constitutes a critical assessment of those developments we feel will have a significant impact on the Department's responsibilities with respect to the cost, quality and access of hospital-based cardiac care over the next three-to-five years.

It was not, however, part of our charge to make specific recommendations on regulatory policy concerning cardiac services. This report will serve as one piece of information for those whose responsibility it is to recommend or make policy.

By design, this report is focused on hospital-based cardiac services. It would be an oversight, however, to omit mention of the significant role that prevention strategies can play in the reduction of the burden of heart disease on New Jerseyans.

The sources of information for this report include background documents from New Jersey and national sources, interviews with key informants in New Jersey and nationally, and a review of the relevant literature. Informants for this study included physicians in various specialties practicing in a range of settings. Appendix II lists the names and affiliations of key informants for this project.

Report Cover


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