New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research

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Research Grants Awarded Year 2002

Investigator Institution Title Amount Awarded  
100 Black Men UMDNJ-NJMS Granulin:Cyclin T1 Interaction in Breast Cancer 50,000 Abstract
Axelrod, David E. Rutgers Quantitative Histopathology of Breast Carcinoma In Situ (renewal) 49,500 Abstract
Azzam, Edouard I. UMDNJ-NJMS Signaling from Irradiated to Non-Irradiated Cells 99,000 Abstract
Blumenthal, Rosalyn Community Medical Center aCEA-Directed Immunotherapy for Metastasis 96,200 Abstract
Harrison, Lawrence E. UMDNJ-NJMS PPARy: A Mechanism of phenylbutyrate-induced Apoptosis 95,300 Abstract
Kesari, Krishna UMDNJ-RWJMS Role of HMGI-C Protein in Breast Cancer 100,000 Abstract
Lev, Elise Rutgers Prospective Study of Quality of Life of Men Receiving Brachytherapy fo Prostate Cancer 46,900  
Liu, Fang Rutgers Role of Cyclin-dependent Kinase Phosphorylation of SMAD 99,000 Abstract
Longquin, Hu Rutgers Novel Bifunctional Dendrimers Targeting Tumor Cells 96,000 Abstract
Lukac, David Michael UMDNJ-NJMS Viral Reactivation of KSVH in Primary Effusion Lymphoma 96,702 Abstract
Patrick Miller, Linda UMDNJ-CINJ The Impact of a Relatives Mammogram: "A Teachable Moment" 34,249 Abstract
Pe'ery Tsafi UMDNJ-NJMS Granulin: Cyclin T1 Interactions in Breast Cancer 50,000 Abstract
Schwarz, Roderich UMDNJ-CINJ Ras Inhibition and Antiangiogenic VEGF-Directed Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer 97,900 Abstract
Selvamurugan, Nagarajan UMDNJ-RWJMS TGF-betal Action on Human Breast Cancer Cells 97,900 Abstract
Sweder, Kevin Rutgers Role of the 26S Proteasome in Regulation of DNA Repair 100,000 Abstract
Taylor, Alice P. Garden State Cancer Center Placental Growth Factor Regulation in Tumors after Cytotoxic Therapy 99,000 Abstract
Wieder, Robert UMDNJ-NJMS Role of Bone Marrow Stromal FGF-2 in Breast Cancer Dormancy 150,000 Abstract
Wollack, Jan B. UMDNJ-RWJMS Cerebral Folate Transport: Role in Cancer Treatment 97,900 702-010
Zhu, Hua UMDNJ-NJMS A Novel Cytomegalovirus-Initiated Signal Pathway 49,500 Abstract