New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research

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Research Grants Awarded Year 2004

Investigator Institution Title Amount Awarded  
Birge, Raymond B. UMDNJ-NJMS A Novel Strategy to Target Dendritic Cells $49,500 Abstract
Burdine, Rebecca D. Princeton Analysis of the Zebrafish Cystic Kidney Mutant Switch Hitter $49,500 Abstract
Burton, Jack D. CMMI Doxorubicin-Immunoconjugate Therapy of Lymphoma $99,000 Abstract
Bush, Andrew Rutgers The Role of Inflammation in a Mouse Model of Prostat Cancer $49,500 Abstract
Cohen, Rick Coriell Purifying of Normal Stem Cells from Leukemic Patients $49,500 Abstract
Glod, John W. UMDNJ-CINJ The Role of Endothelial-like Monocytic Cells in Angiogenesis in CNS Tumors $97,900 Abstract
Gunderson, Samuel I. Rutgers Human Papillomavirus 16: Regulation of Polyadenylation $99,000 Abstract
Jin, Shengkan UMDNJ-RWJMS Study of Tumor Suppression Mechanism of Autophagy $96,800 Abstract
Qi, Haiyan UMDNJ-RWJMS The Mechanism of Tumor Cell Killing by Telomeric G-quadruplexes $49,500 Abstract
Rafi, Mohamed M. Rutgers In Vivo Efficacy and Proteomics Study Using a New Anticancer Compound $45,000 Abstract
Sugimoto, Katsunori UMDNJ-NJMS Mechanism for Recruting Checkpoint-Mediator Proteins to DNA Lesions $97,350 Abstract
Xiao, Gutian Rutgers Role of the Pronto-oncoprotein Cot in HTLV Tax-induced Tumors $99,000 Abstract