New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research

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NJCCR Childhood Cancer Research Fund

Childhood Cancer Research Fund Mission Statement
To support innovative research focusing on the causes, prevention,
screening, treatment and cure of childhood cancer.

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Each day 46 children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States.

Although cure rates are steadily increasing, cancer remains the number one disease killer of children; more than genetic anomalies, cystic fibrosis, and AIDS combined. Currently one in every 286 children in the United States develops cancer during the first 20 years of life.

Progress in the development of effective new treatments and cures for children with cancer has been impressive. Most children now can be cured if they are treated at childhood cancer treatment and research centers by teams of experts in childhood cancer. But many types of childhood cancer have not yet yielded to research progress. This fund hopes to advance innovative research focusing on the causes, prevention, screening, treatment and cure of childhood cancer.

Meeting the Childhood Cancer Research Challenge in New Jersey

Citizens now have the opportunity to contribute to the New Jersey Childhood Cancer Research Fund through a check-off box on their state income tax form and through Epay. The Fund is administered by the New Jersey State Commission on Cancer Research, which is the only state agency dedicated to eradicating cancer through scientific research. Monies from the NJ Childhood Cancer Research Fund support innovative cancer research projects, training fellowships, and educational conferences.

In 2000, lawmakers recognized children who have passed away from cancer by passing a Joint Legislative Resolution designating the "Rainbow of Hope" pin as the official symbol of New Jersey Cares About Children With Cancer Month (September).

The rainbow and gold pin, designed by Kathy Ingato in recognition of her daughter, Kristina Marie Ingato's courageous battle with childhood cancer, is a symbol of hope for all who have cancer, and a promise that every citizen will join to fight to conquer this disease. To learn more visit

Administration of the Fund

The New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research administers the Fund at no additional cost to the State. Through a competitive scientific peer review process, the NJCCR awards monies for research projects focusing "on the causes, prevention, screening, treatment or cure of cancer and may include, but is not limited to, basic, behavioral, clinical, demographic, epidemiological, and psychosocial research" (P.L. 83, C. 6, T52). Commission sponsored seed grants assist talented researchers in obtaining additional funding from the federal government, foundations and private sources. On average, for every dollar the NJCCR awards, more than ten dollars are returned to the state for continued research.