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How to submit Veterinarian Co-Payment fees via e-check or credit card

Online payment alone is insufficient for the Veterinarian Co-Payment fee submission. The original, signed Veterinarian Co-Payment form (APC-4 ) is required to be mailed in hard copy to this office with proof of online payment attached. Your payment will not be processed until the completed form with original signature has been received by this office.

  1. Complete the Veterinarian Co-Payment form (APC- 4).  The form may be found under "Forms" to the left of this page or via the link below. The completed form will help you determine the total amount due for payment.

  2. Have your completed form ready and click the “Submit Payment” link below. You will be prompted to enter the payment amount as calculated on your application form.

  3. When you are finished, print the payment confirmation page or the confirmation e-mail you received as proof of payment. Attach this printout to your Co-payment fee form and mail to the New Jersey Department of Health, Animal Population Control Program.

  4. For reimbursement of surgeries, submit the original "Application and Consent for Sterilization of Pets" (APC-5) for  each surgery performed along with an original plus two (2) copies of the "State of New Jersey Payment Voucher" (APC-7) form to the New Jersey Department of Health, Animal Population Control Program, P.O. Box 369, Trenton, NJ 0625-0369.

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