Cancer Epidemiology Services

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Cancer Reporting for hospitals/health care facilities

Cancer Reporting

All Health care facilities that diagnose or provide treatment for cancer patients must report cancer cases to the NJSCR. All abstracting work performed by a health care facility which diagnoses or treats 100 or more cases per year must be performed by a Certified Tumor Registrar who is certified by the National Cancer Registrars Association.

All cases of cancer and other specified tumors and precancerous diseases must be reported to the NJSCR within six months of diagnosis. A cancer registry abstract must be completed for each newly diagnosed case. A separate abstract must be completed for each primary. A health care facility that fails to report cases of cancer electronically, as required by regulation, within six months of diagnosis shall be liable to pay a penalty as stated in N.J.S.A. 26:2-106. The Cancer Registry Statute [pdf 266k] New contains a copy of the reportable list.

Electronic reporting is strongly recommended.Cancer data software is available free of charge for reporting cancer cases to the NJSCR electronically. NJSCR staff will assist in the installation and provide training. Cancer software can be run on a free-standing computer, network or via the internet Available software is user-friendly and can assist your practice to meet your cancer reporting requirements. If you are interested in obtaining this software, complete the Cancer Data Software Information Request (CES-8) and fax the form to 609-588-3638.

Training & Educational Opportunities for Cancer Registrars [pdf 18kb]

Learn about helpful tips from the NJSCR, read E-Tips [pdf 31kb]

NJSCR Manual 2010: Abstracting and Coding Instructions for Facilities [pdf 1.8mb]

Hospital Completeness Award Application [pdf 64kb]

Hospital Completeness Award Recipients [pdf 537k]