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Health Insurance Coverage in New Jersey
From the Current Population Survey of March of Each Year
Insurance Coverage for the Prior Year

Some important issues to keep in mind in reviewing the reports and tables listed below:

  • The numbers and percentages presented in this table are estimates, based on a sample. Each of the figures has a standard error, which is not provided. Some of the data points are based on very small numbers of responses and have large confidence intervals.

  • Respondents are asked at the time of the survey to report their health insurance coverage during the prior year. Interviewees are asked if they had insurance of various types at any time during the year. Therefore the period of coverage by any insurance or for any particular source can be of varying time lengths during the year. Length of coverage during the year is not available from the data. Persons indicated as "uninsured" did not report any insurance coverage at any time during the year.

  • The tables vary in the segment of the population covered. In some cases, the data encompass the entire population; in other cases data for a subset of the population are included (e.g., the population under 65, 18 through 64 or under 19). The table titles provide information on the applicable population.

  • Because of the small numbers of persons under the age of 65 who were covered by Medicare, these persons are included under the "other" category when data are distributed by source of health insurance coverage. Only persons 65 and over who were covered by Medicare are included under the "Medicare" column in tables related to health insurance source.

The documents below can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat PDF Version 4 format. PDF formatted documents contain the same text as the original printed documents. To view them you must have a PDF viewer which is available free from Adobe. Click here to learn more about Adobe Acrobat or to download the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat viewer from the Adobe Web site.

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