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New Jersey Behavioral Risk Factor Survey                                                          Behavioral Risk Factor Survey

The NJBRFS Questionnaire

The generic BRFSS questionnaire is designed by a working group of state BRFSS coordinators and CDC staff.  It has two main parts: 1) a required core component, consisting of fixed core, rotating core, and emerging core questions, and 2) a set of optional modules.  The fixed core is a standard set of questions asked yearly by all participating states and territories.  The rotating core is made up of two distinct sets of questions required in alternating years.  The emerging core questions typically focus on issues of a "late breaking" nature and are part of the core component for at least one year.

The questionnaire used in the New Jersey Behavioral Risk Factor Survey is customized on an annual basis by supplementing required and optional modules from the BRFSS questionnaire with a set of state-designed questions approved by CDC.

Complete copies of annual New Jersey Behavioral Risk Factor Survey questionnaires in English for 2000 and forward (land line versions only) can be found below in PDF format:


Spanish language versions were also implemented starting in 1999. Copies of English-language New Jersey Behavioral Risk Factor Survey questionnaires for years prior to 2000 and copies of all Spanish-language questionnaires are available by request. Please select “NJBRFS question” in the Subject drop-down on the contact page.

Interactive Question Search Tool NJBRFS questionnaires for recent years are searchable across years and topics through an interactive search tool that contains core (C) content required of all states participating in the BRFSS, optional module (M) content supported by the BRFSS, and New Jersey state-added (S) content not supported by the national BRFSS. Users can search by year, broad categories, topic areas, keywords, and content status (C, M, or S).