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New Jersey Health Statistics



Information on marriages presented in this report was tabulated from items reported on marriage certificates filed with the New Jersey State Registrar for marriages which occurred in the calendar year 1997. Divorce information was obtained from the Chancery Division of the New Jersey Superior Court. Marriages and divorces are recorded by place of occurrence or judgment; therefore, all marriage and divorce data presented in this report encompass events that occurred in New Jersey, regardless of the place of residence of the participants. Since no mechanism for interstate exchange of resident marriage and divorce data exists, out-of-state events involving New Jersey residents are not included.


Table MD1 Number of Marriages, Marriage Rates and Median Age at Marriage for Brides and Grooms, Marriage Certificates Issued in New Jersey, 1988-1997
Table MD2 Median Age at First Marriage, New Jersey, 1988-1997
Table MD3 Percent of Brides and Grooms Under 25 and Under 20 Years of Age at the Time of First Marriage, New Jersey, 1988-1997
Table MD4 Marriages by Age of Bride and Age of Groom, New Jersey, 1997
Table MD5 Number of Marriages by Previous Marital Status, New Jersey, 1988-1997
Table MD6 Marriages by Previous Marital Status of Bride and Groom, New Jersey, 1997
Table MD7 Marriages by County of Occurrence and by Race of Bride and Groom, New Jersey, 1997
Table MD8 Number of Marriages by County and Month of Occurrence, New Jersey, 1997
Table MD9 Marriages and Divorces by County of Occurrence, New Jersey, 1997

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