Smoke-free Air Act Initiative

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NJQuit2Win is a statewide campaign launched by the NJDOH to highlight the dangers of tobacco use, rally support for smokers who want to quit and inform them about the free and low-cost services the State provides to help them succeed in quitting.

The Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program (CTCP), which is operated by the New Jersey Department of Health, provides services, information, technical assistance and funding to decrease deaths, illness and disabilities caused by tobacco use and secondhand smoke.

The Tobacco Control Policy and Legal Resource Center of New Jersey GASP develops and provides New Jersey-specific information on smokefree air issues and implementation for a wide variety of sites. Its website has a
major section on the New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act. Individual technical
assistance is available, free, from experienced staff, including an

The American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer.

The American Heart Association is a national organization that works to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

The American Lung Association of New Jersey is dedicated to the prevention of lung diseases and the promotion of lung health.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supports training, education, research and projects that demonstrate effective ways to deliver health services in a variety of interest areas including tobacco use and exposure.

New Jersey GASP is a grassroots citizen activist group that collects and dispenses information, guidance, and technical assistance on local tobacco control policy, litigation and legislation.

New Jersey Breathes is an independent, collective voice for tobacco control convened by the Medical Society of New Jersey that seeks to denormalize tobacco use and drive down smoking rates.

The New Jersey Prevention Network provides a statewide coordinated approach to advocacy, community mobilization and education to promote wellness, including programs in tobacco use prevention.

Mom’s Quit Connection raises awareness among pregnant women, mothers of young children and caregivers about the damaging impact of tobacco use on children’s health.