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Do Not Resuscitate Orders

The New Jersey Department of Health has announced its support of the Medical Society of New Jersey's Prehospital Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Policy. This policy provides a uniform method for identifying patients who may be encountered in the out-of-hospital environment with physician-issued Do Not Resuscitate orders.

Prehospital emergency medical personnel may honor these Do Not Resuscitate orders if the patient is found in cardiac or respiratory arrest and there is a valid, physician signed DNR form with the patient. Full comfort measures should be provided for patients who are not in cardiac or respiratory arrest, but require some medical assistance.

All prehospital personnel, including First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics are encouraged to take the educational program offered by the Medical Society of New Jersey in order to gain a better understanding of the entire prehospital Do-Not-Resuscitate program.

Questions about the policy and inquiries regarding specific training programs should be directed to the Medical Society of New Jersey at (609) 896-1776.

  • Guidelines For Physicians [PDF 22K]
  • Policy for EMS Personnel [PDF 23K]
  • Do Not Resuscitate Form [PDF 7KB]
  • Do Not Resuscitate Brochure [PDF 16K]


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