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Health Studies Project

The New Jersey Department of Health has been a leading agency in conducting epidemiologic studies of populations exposed to environmental hazards. One critical component necessary for addressing community health concerns and providing a comprehensive public health approach is the ability to perform follow-up health studies at hazardous sites needing special attention. The NJDOH has had a long term relationship with the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) through a series of cooperative agreements to increase the department's ability to evaluate the environmental health hazards in communities.

The Department's Consumer and Environmental Health Services (CEHS) has developed and conducted numerous epidemiological studies focusing on both regional and site-specific environmental health problems. A wide variety of health study activities have been accomplished by CEHS staff, including projects examining health outcome endpoints, evaluating biological indicators of exposure, performing surveillance, and providing health services to communities.

Studies conducted include the following:

2002 Radium in Drinking Water and the Incidence of Osteosarcoma PDF PDF File Size: 1.7MB
1997 Summary: Childhood Cancer Incidence Health Consultation: A Review and Analysis of Cancer Registry Data, 1979-1995 for Dover Township (Ocean County), New Jersey PDF PDF File Size: 151KB
1996 Health Impact of the Napp Technologies Fire, Lodi, New Jersey (with Occupational Disease and Injury Services): released May 5, 1997 PDF PDF File Size: 35KB
1995 Mesothelioma Incidence and Community Asbestos Exposure PDFPDF File Size: 5KB
1994 The Lipari Landfill Birth Weight Study: A Twenty-five Year Trend Analysis

Chromium Medical Surveillance Project Final Report PDFPDF File Size: 66KB

1993 Drinking Water Contamination and the Incidence of Leukemias and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas PDFPDF File Size: 11KB
1992 Population-based Surveillance and Etiologic Research of Adverse Reproductive Outcomes and Toxic Wastes (with CDC)
Phase I: Assembling Information on Adverse Reproductive Outcomes

Phase II: The Evaluation and Development of Databases on Potential Environmental Exposures

Phase III: Correlational Analyses of Adverse Reproductive Outcomes and Environmental Pollution

Phase IVA: Public Drinking Water Contamination and Birthweight, Fetal Deaths, and Birth Defects

Phase IVB: Public Drinking Water Contamination and Birthweight and Selected Birth Defects

Second Report of the Task Group on Global Landfill and the Sommers Brothers Property Sites

An Epidemiologic Report on Drinking Water and Fluoridation

1991 Ocean Health Study Final Report PDFPDF File Size: 10KB
1990 Ozone Health Effects Field Study of Children and Counselors at Two Day Camps in New Jersey, July 1988
1989 Chemical Sensitivity: A Report to the New Jersey State Department of Health (Commissioned report by MIT)

Medical Evaluation of Children and Adults of the Whitney Young, Jr. School

A Report on the Health Study of Residents Living near the Lipari Landfill

A Case-Control Study of Radon and Lung Cancer among New Jersey Women (with Epidemiology and Research Service)

The Study of Disease Clusters (Commissioned report by University of Medicine and Dentistry (UMDNJ))

1988 Mortality Experience of Residents Exposed to Elevated Indoor Levels of Radon from an Industrial Source

A Report of the Task Group on Global Landfill and the Sommers Brothers Sites: a Project TEACH Activity

A Study of Odor and Irritant Effects in a Population Residing near a Barrell and Pail Manufacturing Plant in Jersey City

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