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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I submit my 2013 RTK Survey in hard (paper) copy to the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH)?
A: No, all 2013 surveys must be completed online.

Q: Do I need to send copies of my completed 2013 RTK Survey to the local fire, police, health departments, county lead agency and local emergency planning committee.
A: Yes, send a hard copy of your 2013 RTK Survey to all the required agencies.  DO NOT send a hard copy to the NJDOH.  Keep a copy for your facility’s RTK Central File.

Q: Must I fill out the survey even if I have no hazardous chemicals present at my facility?
A: Yes, every public employer facility must have a completed RTK Survey.  Employers without any reportable hazardous chemicals will complete and submit only the first page of the Survey (the Survey Cover page).

Q: Who should complete the RTK Survey?
A: Each employer will be required to assign someone to be the Official RTK Coordinator.   The Official RTK Coordinator will be in charge of ensuring that RTK Surveys for all employer facilities have been completed and submitted online to NJDOH.  The Official RTK Coordinator can either complete the surveys themselves, assign the surveys to other employees to complete, or transfer the surveys to a consultant who will complete the inventory and Survey Cover Page (if hired to do so) and save on the system for the RTK Coordinator to submit.

Q: What needs to be reported on the RTK Survey?
A: You must report all chemical products containing hazardous ingredients present at your facility.  Hazardous chemicals and ingredients are chemicals that are on the RTK Hazardous Substance List (RTKHSL).

Q: How do I determine what products have the ingredients I must report?
A: For every product or chemical in your inventory you are required to have an up-to-date Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS).  MSDS/SDS are developed and distributed by the product’s manufacturer.  Check the MSDS/SDS and the product’s label for the product ingredients.  Check the RTKHSL, available at www.nj.gov/health/rtkweb to see if any of the ingredients in your product are on the RTKHSL and report them.  You will not be able to report chemicals that are not on the HSL. 

Q: I have a new facility, how do I get a survey added to my online list?
A: If during calendar year 2013, you have built, purchased, or leased a new facility or if you have a facility that is not listed, please have your Official RTK Coordinator contact the RTK by e-mail (rtksurvey.state.nj.us) or call (609) 984-2202.  The new facility can only be added by the RTK Staff.

Q: What should I do if a facility listed no longer belongs to my employer or was demolished (the online system “Status” is listed as “Active”) and there is a survey  on the online system there for me to complete?.
A: Please have your Official RTK Coordinator contact the RTK by e-mail (rtksurvey.state.nj.us) or call (609) 984-2202.  The facility can only be deleted by the RTK Staff.

Q: How can I make corrections to the “Mailing Address” or “Facility Location” information listed on the first page of the online RTK Survey?
A: Please have your Official RTK Coordinator contact the RTK by e-mail (rtksurvey@doh.state.nj.us) or call (609) 984-2202. Changes to the address and location can only be added by the RTK Staff.

Have a question, can’t find what you are looking for, and need to change an address, add or delete a facility? Send us an email or call the RTK Infoline at (609) 984-2202.


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