Work-Related Asthma

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Work-related asthma is a debilitating and sometimes fatal disease. The New Jersey 2008-2010 [an error occurred while processing this directive], Asthma Call-Back Survey results indicated that over 54,000 adult NJ residents reported being diagnosed by a health professional as having work-related asthma. Of these adults, 35,000 stated that they had to change or quit their job due to work-related asthma. More than 300 substances used in the workplace are known to either cause asthma in healthy workers or aggravate asthma in those who already have the condition.

Work-related asthma can be prevented. New Jersey law requires physicians, physician assistants, and advanced practice nurses to report work-related asthma cases for proper public health follow-up. Our Web site provides many resources for health professionals, working adults with asthma, and employers in New Jersey.


Working Adults with Asthma
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