Environmental and Occupational Health Surveillance Program

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Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Project (EHHAP)

What Does EHHAP Do?

The mission of the Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Project (EHHAP) is to assess and prevent human exposure to contamination at New Jersey sites listed on the National Priority List (or Superfund sites) and at other hazardous waste sites that impact New Jersey residents. To carry out its mission and to serve the needs of the public, EHHAP staff conducts a wide variety of health study activities in collaboration with state and national partners.

Environmental Health Hazard Investigation Reports Clearinghouse

What Kind of Information is in the Clearinghouse?

Our Clearinghouse provides access to a comprehensive listing of Final Reports on Completed Investigations, Public Health Assessments, Public Health Consultations, Public Health Advisories, and Exposure Assessments that have been carried out by EHHAP. A glossary of these terms is provided in the next section.

Glossary of Terms

Health Study Activity


Public Health Assessment

A Public Health Assessment is an evaluation and statement of the public health issues related to a contaminated site. Every New Jersey site on the National Priorities List has had a Public Health Assessment completed. Environmental data, health outcome data, and community health concerns are all considered in the process of developing a Public Health Assessment in order to:

  • Identify human exposures and hazardous conditions associated with a site
  • Identify past, current or future impact on public health
  • Develop health advisories or other health recommendations
  • Identify populations living or working near the sites for further studies or actions

Public Health Consultation

A Public Health Consultation is similar to a Public Health Assessment, but is designed to answer a focused question about the site and its health impact. Many sites have had at least one Health Consultation.

Citizen’s Guide

Citizen’s Guides are summaries of the technical Public Health Assessment and Public Health Consultation documents.

Public Health Advisory

A Public Health Advisory is issued in rare instances where contamination poses an immediate and significant danger to public health.

Exposure Investigation

An Exposure Investigation is conducted as part of a Public Health Assessment, Consultation or Advisory, if it is necessary to perform limited human exposure measurements. This may include biological sampling (e.g., blood, urine, or hair) of nearby residents, or additional environmental sampling of potential areas of exposure. Large scale biological sampling may be continued by the Health Studies Project. Large scale environmental sampling is performed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


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