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All babies born in New Jersey are required by law to receive a newborn blood screen 24-48 hours after their birth. Newborn screening is a simple and safe blood test that provides important information about your baby’s health.

The blood sample is used to screen for many rare conditions which, if left untreated, may result in serious health problems. A newborn baby can look healthy, but have a serious disease that cannot be seen right after birth. Newborn Screening helps to detect these unseen illnesses. Early diagnosis and treatment may help prevent problems and complications related to these conditions.

Over 4 million babies are tested in the United States every year. The New Jersey Newborn Screening Program currently tests for 55 different disorders and identifies about 150 babies a year who have one of these rare and serious illnesses.

KNOW YOUR RESULTS!  Please check with your baby's doctor to find out your baby's Newborn Screening test results. Results are often available as early as your baby's one week checkup.  If a repeat test is recommended for any reason, please arrange for it to be completed as soon as possible.

These websites are written for parents and have lots of good information about Newborn Screening:

Parents who need a copy of their child’s newborn screening results should follow this procedure:

  1. Sign a medical release form which is available from your child’s current physician.  This form tells us that you give permission for the Newborn Screening Laboratory to send your child’s test results to this physician.
  2. Ask your child’s physician to fax this form to our Newborn Screening Laboratory at 609-530-8373.
  3. The Newborn Screening Laboratory will then fax a copy of your child’s newborn screening results back to your child’s physician.  Results for children born before 2001 are archived and may take longer to fax back.
  4. Discuss the newborn screening results and any questions you may have with your child’s physician.

If your child is 18 -23 years of age, they should be the one to sign the medical release form.  The New Jersey Newborn Screening Program only keeps records for 23 years therefore we are not able to provide any results for older individuals.

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