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Participation in regular physical activity depends in part on the availability and proximity of community facilities and conducive environments. Additional miles of convenient and accessible trails for biking, jogging, hiking, and cross-country skiing are very much needed.

The National Recreation and Parks Association standard recommends 1 community swimming pool per 20,000 people within a service radius of 15 to 30 minutes travel time. Only 56 percent of municipal and county park and recreation departments provide one or more community swimming pools. The median number of pools per department is one. For small, medium, and large communities, the medians are 1, 2, and 4 pools, respectively. For departments providing pools, the nunmber of citizens per pool averages 29,850. Including areas served by departments that do not provide pools yields a national estimate of roughly 1 public pool per 53,000 people.
(source: Siedentop 1983)

Visit these links for all kinds of educator information on health and physical fitness.

Fitsmart- American Fitness Alliance -- AFA - The source for top quality youth activity and fitness education resources, information and programs.

Kathy Schrocks Guide for Educators - Health P.E. and Fitness -- A categorized, annotated list of over 2500 sites to help educators, teachers and parents enhance education and support the curriculum. Character Education links… a collection of the best character education links for use in lesson plans for improving school-based health education

Progressive Education -- Offers continious education courses for fitness professionals since 1995

Fitness Educators

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Education World - Special Theme: May is Physical Fitness Month. Education world celebrates National Physical Fitness and Sports Month with stories fit for this special time!

Physical Education -- Search for educational information and links in over 50 catagories.

Physical Education Factsheet

Certificate IV in Fitness
Associations, universities, colleges, academies in fitness.

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