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Fitness Tips

For Kids:

Exercise is fun and it keeps the body strong and healthy. When you run around and play tag or ride your bike, or even walk the dog or play catch, it's good for your muscles because it makes them work harder. Exercise also makes your energy better and it makes you feel better about everything. And, a special bonus about exercise is that being physically fit improves your grades. Now let's get jumping and see a list of fun ways to exercise. More..

For Parents:

Parents have something in common in that we want to help young people become physically fit so that they can enjoy the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, develop and maintain good personal habits and develop and maintain healthy emotional growth. The positive effects of fitness include good grades in school and a healthy sense of achievement on a day to day basis. For some young people, success in sports is an important part of development, although the benefits of fitness can be enjoyed with or without the competition of sports.

As parents, we want to try to turn the tide on the lazy, button pushing lifestyle that comes when one sits in front of a screen all day by encouraging activity and fitness. The eventual result of a non-active lifestyle is an undesirable body composition ( fat to muscle ratio) and the other undesirable effects of being overweight, including high blood pressure, diabetes , etc. Young people who are not fit and overweight typically become adults who are not fit and overweight, which increases their risk of injury, illness and premature death. More...

For Educators:

Although school physical education can help to assure a minimum amount of physical activity for children and youth, studies indicate that only 27 percent of class time is spent in actual physical activity; 26 percent of time is spent in instruction, 22 percent is spent in administrative tasks, and 25 percent is spent waiting. More...

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