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Women can experience depression and anxiety before, during and after pregnancy. By learning to recognize and understand Perinatal Mood Disorders (PMD), women can seek support from their family and friends and get medical help.

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Support Groups

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A new mothers' group can be particularly helpful for women suffering from PMD so that they can connect with other mothers who are having the same experiences.

See how the members of one support group help each other heal.



How can family and friends help?

Often family members and friends recognize that a problem exists before the new mother does. They can help her to identify the problem and encourage her to seek medical help.

Family and friends can also provide understanding, as well as emotional, social and physical support. They can provide childcare and take on daily responsibilities that reduce stress.

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Supporters' Corner

Diane was prepared to help with household chores and child care when her daughter gave birth. But she wasn't prepared for postpartum depression.

Watch Diane's story and hear how she cared for her daughter, Thaydra, through two bouts of pospartum depression.

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