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You Are Not Alone

Every woman who experiences PMD feels isolated, like she is the only one in the world who has had this experience. Learning about other women's stories can help a PMD sufferer feel like there is hope for recovery.


PPD survivors


Sylvia's video Sylvia

Sylvia's PPD began moments after her daughter's birth. Her condition became so severe that Melina lived with her grandparents until she was 9 months old. Sylvia wrote A Daughter's Touch, a book about her experience. Get more information about the book.

Click on the video to hear Sylvia tell her emotional story.

Read Sylvia's story.

Read the video transcript.

Sylvia's husband, Michael, also tells his story in the hopes that he can help other family members living with PPD.



Nancy's video Nancy

Nancy is a single mother who had a difficult pregnancy. After her daughter was born, she battled PPD on her own for months before finally seeking help. After consulting a doctor, she was immediately relieved, "like bricks were lifted off me."

Click on the video and hear Nancy tell firsthand about her experience with PPD.

Read Nancy's story.

Read the video transcript.



Wendy's video Wendy

Wendy felt like a "defective mother," until she joined a support group and started speaking out about her feelings. She and her husband, Ron, tell how they got through the difficult first year of their daughter's life.

Click on the video to hear Wendy and Ron tell their story of getting through PPD.

Read Wendy's story.

Read the video transcript.

Read about the male perspective in Ron's story.



Connie's video Connie

Connie had the "baby blues" after her daughter was born, but suffered with PPD for 15 months after her son's birth. She describes her terrifying intrusive thoughts and what finally drove her to seek help.

Click on the video and hear Connie describe the horrifying visions and thoughts she experienced.

Read Connie's story. | Lea la historia de Connie.

Read the video transcript.



Adrienne's video Adrienne

After her son's birth, Adrienne's stress and anxiety compounded by a lack of sleep led her to regret her decision to become a mother.

Click on the video to hear Adrienne tell her story.

Read Adrienne's story.

Read the video transcript.



Thaydra's video Thaydra

Thaydra experienced postpartum depression with the birth of her son. After therapy and medication she was able to recover.

When she became pregnant with twins three years later, she and her doctors took preventive measures, starting her on medication right after the babies were delivered.

Unfortunately, she became sick again and this time her PPD was much worse.

Thaydra's second video

Click on the top video to hear Thaydra tell about her first bout with PPD and the video to the right to hear about her experience the second time.

Read Thaydra's story.

Read the video transcript.




Dana's video Dana

The first eight weeks of motherhood were awful for Dana. She obsessed about her daughter's sleeping and eating schedule, couldn't eat or sleep herself, and forced herself to continue breastfeeding even though it was very painful for her.

The day after her daughter's baptism, she broke down and, finally, reached out for help.

Click on the video to hear Dana tell her story.

Read Dana's first-person account of her experience. | Lea la historia de Dana.

Read the video transcript.



Alicia video Alicia

Alicia's father-in-law passed away during her second pregnancy and Alicia attributed her feelings of sadness to grief. But after her daughter was born, the difficulties were diagnosed as postpartum depression.

Click on the video to hear Alicia tell her story.

Read Alicia's story.

Read the video transcript.



Kellie Kellie

While working as a pediatric nurse for the past nine years, Kellie had heard about postpartum depression in school, from other nurses and even her friends, but she never knew much about the disorder until the birth of her now 13-month-old son.

Click on the video to hear Kellie tell her story.

Read Kellie's story.

Read the video transcript.



Lina and her son Lina

Lina Newman, who grew up in Bergen County, settled in North Carolina after getting married. She came from a supportive, loving family, and they were there for her as she battled postpartum depression (PPD) after the birth of her first child.

Read Lina's story.





Perinatal mood disorders are treatable. But first you have to ask for help.

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